A Shadow Play Surviving forSix Centuries, Karagöz

The shadow play, called as “Karagöz play” amongpeople, has a significant place in cultural life ofTurkish. The investigations about history and originsof Karagöz, revealed that this play has a closerelation with Bursa. Because the main characters ofthis play, Karagöz and Hacivat, are both Bursa citizensand the person who created this game, fieyhKüflteri, was a citizen of Bursa as well. Thus, inBursa, shadow art festivals are organized at internationallevel.The shadow play of Karagöz is played behinda tight white curtain attached to a frame.The figures, are kept in front of alight source. During early timesthis light source was a candle, however,today it is replaced by electricbulbs. The Turkish shado wplay Karagöz was bornt in Bursa and spreaded throughoutour country. For a certain period of time itreceived little or no attention and was looked uponas a funny memory of the past but now, with the activitiesorganized in Bursa, it is once again popularas if newly invented. Unima Bursa Branch andMetropolitan Municipality are organizing “BursaKaragöz and Shadow Plays Festival”every year inorder to introduce it to world’s attention.