A Taste DiscoveredBy The People of Bursa

The candied chestnuts made from the famous chestnutson the hillsides of Uluda¤ are the ones madefrom the chestnets boiled in sugared sherbet. Thevarious kinds of candied chestnuts are one of Bursa’scharacteristic desserts. Candied chestnuts weremade at houses for centuries and in 1900s it is startedto be produced in a double form for sales purposes.fiekerci Hakk› Efendi of Bursa had succeededto make the first double candied chestnet andearned a golden medal with this product. Afterwords,Rasim Öztat, the owner of Ulus patisserie,developed the candied chestnut further. Howewer,it was Kafkas Patisseries who had succeededto makecandied chestnuts a worlwide taste.