“Are You from BursaVelvet Bride?”

Just as kemha, atlas, kutnu,tafta, vale, and bürümcük;velvet is a kindof silk as well. The Velvetof Bursa, woven in15th-16th centuries withbackcloth and nap of purevelvet, has been a favouriteof people becauseits nap was not droppingeasily and it was not fading for years. Thus itsfame has spread across the world and renowned asthe Velours de Brousse (velvet of Bursa).Once, velvet was a widely used kind of silky fabric.Patterned velvet fabrics as well as non-pattern velvetfabrics, had been used in production of traditionalclothes and materials such as; gowns, shalvars(baggy trousers), cepken (a kind of blouse), kaftan,bundles, purses, pillows, slippers, hats, book cases.The most famous of velvets adorned with golden orsilver embossments, are the Çatma’s. Once, thewords velvet and Bursa were coalesced togethervery much that in a famous Türkü (Turkish folksongs) it was referred to.