Bursa, a Grand Plane-TreeSuffered for Centuries:

The plane-tree, 599 year old and located in çekirgeon the road to Uluda¤ at ‹nkaya village with the sa-6 5 FROM PRUSA TO BURSATHE CHARACTERISTICATTRIBUTES OF BURSAHistorical ‹nkaya Plane-tree of 600 years age, is one of the most important sites of toursme name, is very famous. It’s name is originatedfrom the village’s name which was one of the firstvillages of Ottomans and the plane-tree has 13 mainbranches. The height of ‹nkaya plane-tree is 35meters. The thickness of its branches reaches 3-4 mand it is one of the oldest trees of Turkey with its9.2 meter circumference. The plane-tree of ‹nkaya,being a spot which every tourist stops by, is contributingvalue to the city as a cultural element.