Bursa, City of Thermal Baths and Health

Bursa, City of ThermalBaths and HealthBursa is one of the richest cities in the world interms of bathhouses and especially thermal bath.The earliest citation pertaining to thermal baths ofBursa occurs in conversations of Dion and datesback to year BC 80. Ottomans had repaired thebathhouses of Byzantium and at the same time bu-FROM PRUSA TO BURSA 68ilded new bathouses and thermal baths for themselves.The thermal waters of Bursa originates from BademliBahçe and Çekirge regions located to thewest of the city. The chemical analysis of these twowaters are different and even the waters originatingfrom the same region shows diferences as well. Inlight of these analyzes, it can be ›ncluded that thereis no relation between these two sources. The watersof Çekirge are called “çelikli” (including iron)and the waters of Bademli Bahçe are called “kükürtlü”(including sulphur). The waters of KaraMustafa Thermal Bath do not like both of thesetwo. The water originating from wooden storage inVak›f Bahçe is distributed to 32 places includingbathhouses, houses, and hotels. Eski Thermal Bath(Kapl›ca) is the oldest and largest one in Bursa.According to statistical data, there were 50 bathhousesin Bursa in 1927. Only 37 of these historicalbathhouses could reach today. The number of historicalbathouse remnants in villages are exceeding.