Bursa, The City of Silk

Today, sericulture has become a secondary occupationbut once it was constituting the most significantproduction output of Bursa. The sericulture,first stage of silk production, dates back to old times.The sericulture was originated from China andhad begun to spread along the coast of Marmara Seawith the seeds brought to Byzantine. Ottomanshad continued that occupation by developing it. Afterthe industrial revolution, different woven materials,mass produced and cheaper than silk, havereplaced the place of silky fabrics. In spite of all theefforts exerted, sericulture couldn’t be brought backto its former productivity level.Bursa was a significant city of trade almost allalong its history. It was widely renowned in productionof silky fabrics not only in Ottoman statebut also abroad. The production of silky fabrics hadbeen one of the most important factors of the city’shistory. The economy of Bursa has been fed bysilky fabric production for many years.