“Eat Chestnut, Acquire Merit”

One of original dishes of Bursa is chestnut. Oncechestnuts were covering a considerable area. Theregion from Yi¤itali village to ‹negöl-Oylat areawas completely covered with chestnut trees. Withindomestic market, grafted chestnuts find more de-FROM PRUSA TO BURSA 66The Judas tree, a flower which has a festival after its namemand. This kind of chestnuts are not generally usedby candymakers because they crack up into piecesvery easily. This type, called “Karaafllama” is consumedby boiling and roasting. The “Turfanda”type of chestnuts are used in sugar industry. The renownedcandied chestnuts are made from this typeincluding little pieces. At the begining of sixties,the villagers of Cumal›k›z›k, Derek›z›k, Hamaml›-k›z›k, Seyidabad, Kozluören, Babasultan were theleading chestnut producers. Chestnut was a significantexport product. It was being exported to countriessuch as; Egypt, Syria, Algeria.According to State Statistics Institute (DIE), therewere 84.900 chestnut trees including 3200 fruitlesstrees, in Bursa in 1996. 3.089 ton production wasbeing obtained from these trees.