Inegöl Meatballs

It is a special grilled meatball. The meatballs kneadedin big and round pieces, are cooked with grill.The fame of Inegöl meatball is known to entire Turkey.The founder of ‹negöl meatball was a personnamed Mustafa Besler who immigrated to Thrace.The production of ‹negöl meatball started in 1930s,has been spreaded throughout the country sincethen.The most special feature of ‹negöl meatball is thatit doesn’t not include any spice. Each meatball weighs12-15 gr and in a round shape. Also, it may bein flat form in some places. ‹negöl meatballs arecomposed of a certain mixture rates of veal meat,sheep meat, salt, sodium bicarbonate, and onion.The meatballs prepared are stored in refrigerator for2-3 hours and then are ready for service.