Lets Participate in a”Gezek” in Bursa

The weekly meetings of people from various professionsand musicians and poets in Bursa were called”Gezek”. These festivities called “Gezek”, inwhich people who like art are meeting each otherand singing classic Turkish music in a discipline,are continuing for centuries. Gezeks have played asignificant role in rising of world-wide renownedclassical music artists from Bursa.Generally, Gezeks begin in autumn and continuefor 40 weeks. Every week, people convene in a differentmember’s house. A red light is hanged at thedoor which will house the next Gezek. Gezeks alwaysbegin with a rigmarole. Every evening onlyone Turkish classical music is played. The host givesfood and drinks to the guests. Each Gezek endswith a “oyun havas›” (folk-music dance tune) andsometimes a köçek (a man dancing in disguise ofwomen clothes) is danced.Many artists have been educated in these Gezeks. Itis known that Zeki Müren had participated in Gezeksin his years of youth and fame. We can alsoquote musicians such as; ‹nci Çay›rl›, Recep birgit,Cahit Peksayar. Erdinç Çelikkol is one of our wellknownartists participated in Gezeks as well.