Mehter (Janissary Band) was FirstFounded in Bursa

Mehter group is a musical band. Its origins goesback to Anatolian Seljuklus. It is acknowledgedthat Orhan Bey founded the Mehter after conquestof Bursa. The nephew of Osman Gazi, Ak Timur,may be taken as the first commander of the Mehterband. Because the Project of arranging the MehterBand was commissioned to him.The Mehter march always starts with a right stepand one should stop at every 3 steps and hail the leftand right side. A Mehter Band is composed of 64people. The conductor is called as the Commanderof the Band, and he plays a shrill pipe. In a MehterBand, there are 8 people playing cymbals (each calledzilzen), 8 people playing nakkare (each callednakkarezen), 8 people playing clarion (each calledboruzen), 8 people playing tabl (each called tablzen),and 9 sergeants.In 1826, Janissary corps were abolished and theMehter Bands were abolished as well. In place ofMehter Band, modern bands were formed. In RepublicanEra, the first Mehter Band was founded inBursa in 1961 and by reorganizing, it began to performactivities regularly in 1991.