Oylat Thermal WatersOylat Thermal Waters

Oylat Thermal Waters, located on a hillside withgreen valleys surrounding it from both sides, 27 kmsouth of ‹negöl, at the foots of Uluda¤ mountain areideal place to get rid of stress of big cities, to findhealth and to even go on a vacation. It is possible tofind remedy for rheumatism, calcification, sciatica,hyper tension, painful nerve diseases, nervous prostration,polio, gynecological disease, stress, urinalinfections, bladder sand and stone and gastric ulcerat Oylat Thermal Waters with their 40.5 degree waters

FROM PRUSA TO BURSA The ilded new bathouses and thermal baths for themselves.The thermal waters of Bursa originates from BademliBahçe and Çekirge regions located to thewest of the city. The chemical analysis of these twowaters are different and even the waters originatingfrom the same region shows diferences as well. Inlight of these analyzes, it can be ›ncluded that thereis no relation between these two sources. The wa