The Artisans Turning Metal IntoArt The Cutlers of Bursa

The art of cutlery was brought to Bursa by Balkanimmigrants after “the war of 93”. Since that date,the occupation of cutlery has been developed andby masters and their apprentices educated by them,has reached the level today it occupies.Knives, having a significant place in handicraftbackground of Bursa, are still famous today. Theknives are made according to traditional methodsand by hand and it is known that there are approximately150 different kinds of knives for varioususage fields. We can mention some of these differenttypes of knives such as; waist knife, meat knife,minced-meat knife, kaymak (clotted-cream) knife,past›rma (pressed meat cured with garlic and otherspices) knife, pastry knife, guard knife, butcherknife.Albanian penknife has an important place in Bursacutlery. The handling part of these penknives aremade from horns. Mostly ram horn is used. Thenumber of stars on the knife signifies the size of theknife. Besides, the master who made the knife, carveshis name on the knife.