The Only Bridge of Our Countrywith a Bazaar

It is the first bridge on Gökdere, when descendedtowards the plain from Setbafl› Bridge. It was builtby father of Irgandl› Hodja Muslihiddin, Pir Ali, in1442. It was built as a wooden single gallery andwas including 30 shops. This bridge, having storesand stables, is a unique bridge in the world.The bridge had suffered considerable damage in theearthquake of 1855 and lately was devastated bythe bombardment of Greeks during IndependanceWar. Until 1940’s Irgandi Bridge was closed to trafficand repaired at this date and continued to serveas an ordinary bridge. Irgand› Bridge was restoratedby Municipality of Osmangazi and opened toservice in 2004. It is still being used within its primarypurpose.