The Taste Expanding Throughoutthe Globe From Bursa İskender Kebap

Kebapçı İskender Bey (1848-1934), had invented anew way of cooking kebap by excluding the bonesand nerves of the meatand hanging it ona metal rod inorder to be ableto turn the meataround itself to roasteach side properly. Thus, ‹skender Kebap was found.However, ‹skender Kebap does not include only theholding of a bar upright. The kebaps are made fromdelicious butters of Uluda¤ and prepared from tastysheeps grazing over the emerald-like plains of Uluda¤.The kebaps give an incredible pleasure to peoplewho eat them.There are 3 main components of Döner Kebap: Meat,pide (pitta bread), butter. These three componentsshould be chosen very delicately from thehighest quality products. If one of them is not as goodas the others, the taste of kebap can not be good.The fatless parts of the meat are sliced and a metal bar is placed upright from the center. The pidesshould be well cooked. The meat roasted before thefire, is sliced in thin slices and spread over the pide.Then butter, tomato sauce and if demanded yoghurt,are poured onto it. Thus, the worldwideknown ‹skender Kebap is ready for your taste.