The Velvet-Like Fruitof Bursa, Peach

Bursa is a city famous for its peach. Various kindsof peaches are cultivated in Bursa and it is the mostpreferred fruit of summer days. Peach is thought tobe originated from China and spreaded to worldand it is regarded as a symbol of long-life and immortality.A peach tree lives approximately 30 yearsbut in Bursa mostly after 15-20 years, the treesare uprooted. It is a very juicyfruit and has a downy skin.Lately, for people whodo not like that velvet-like downyskin, a new kindof peach withoutdownyskin called”nectarin”,6 7 FROM PRUSA TO BURSAUluda¤: The guarding angel of Bursa with all its might and beautywas began to be cultivated. The peaches with easilydetachable pits are called “yarma”, and the oneswith pits adhered to the pulp is called “et” peach.Yarma peach is mostly consumed as fresh fruit.The “et” peach is used in making canned food. InTurkey, there are two kinds known as white pulpedand yellow pulped. The more Bursa plane is openedinto urbanization, the more peach cultivation areasare decreasing day by day.