“Thus, Bursa is Consistedof Water!..”

The most attractive feature of the city to travellersis the purling waters and fountains in every cornerof the city. The travellers has written a lot of articlesand even books on waters of Bursa.Evliya Çelebi, after coming to Bursa in 1640, describesthe fountains of Bursa as follows: “Although this city has no need of fountains, the good-willing citizens have built 2065 fountains. Thewater of each one of them is like the “water of life”.The exiled fieyhülislam (the chief religious officialin the Ottoman Empire), has built 200 fountainsand written “sahibu’l-hayrat fakir Aziz” on each ofthem and requested a Fatiha prayer from the oneswho drink water from them.Although this city has no need of fountains, the formersultans and the prominent people have builtthese fountains as a reflection of their highness andin july, distrubute everyone the crystal-like, cold,refreshing water of Uluda¤. The faces of Bursa citizensare pinkish because of the healthy air andwater of the city. Thus, it will be proper to say that:”Bursa is a city of waters”.