Uludağ, From OlymposTowards Kefliş

Uluda¤ is the highest peak of North-west Anatoliawith its height of 2.543 m. Thus, it is a venue ofmountaineers and trekkers. Uluda¤ had been declaredto be a national park in 1961. It covers 12.762hectares of area. Besides Uluda¤ National Park is acentre of skiing sports, it also harbors 4 cirque lakesof ice age, 19 endemic plants, and the rare Apollonbutterfly. There are nearly 800 different plant typesexistent in Uluda¤. Although before Byzantium itwas called as Olympos because during Byzantiumit was crammed with monasteries and was called asKeflifl Mountain (Monk mountain).