A Legend, Zeki Müren

A vocal artist, composer, and actor. He was born in1931 in Bursa. He continued his education, begunin Bursa, in the ‹stanbul Bo¤aziçi (Bosphorus)High School. He graduated from the Decorative9 9 FROM PRUSA TO BURSAThe Grave of Suleyman Çelebi Photo By: Alper KeskinArts Department of Academy of Fine Arts. Mürentook his first musical lessons from Tamburi ‹zzetGerçeker and advanced his talent in Bursa TurkishClassical Music Society. He participated in the radioexamination in 1950, and by manifesting extraordinarysuccess, began to make solo programs inIstanbul Radio. He appeared on stages in 1955. Hebecame widely known throughout the country withhis song “Manolyam” (My Magnolia) and he becamethe first winner of “golden record” prize. In1954, he played in his first movie, “Beklenen fiark›”(The Awaited Song). He consecutively starredin 17 movies. For many years, he was one of themostly demanded artists of television and radio andhe was called as “The Sun Of Art”. He recordedmore than 200 records and tapes. He died in a ceremonyorganized by TRT ‹zmir Studio because ofheart attack.