A Painter Like A Color Acrobat: Şefik Bursalı

He was born in Bursa in1903. During his highschool years, he workedin signboard design businessnext to Cemal Nadir(Güler). He enrolledin Sanayi-i NefiseSchool (Academy ofFine Arts). He becamean academic teacherin State ‹stanbul Fine Arts State Academy andworked here for 30 years. He won the first prize in1966 and mentions in 1973, 1980, and 1982 in StateExhibitions of Painting and Sculpture. In 1986,he was acknowledged to be worthy of “Big Prize ofCulture and Art” by Ministry of Culture and Tourism.He died in 1990. Although he worked naturemortes and portraits as well, he was mostly knownas a “painter of landscapes”.