First Civil President, Celal Bayar

The statesman of Gemlik Umurbey, and the thirdpresident of Turkey. He was born in 1883 in Umurbey.During the War of Independance he travelledto each village especially in Aegean region andcontributed significantly to the organization of resistance.In 1920, he was elected as the deputy ofSaruhan in the last Ottoman Assembly.Although Bayar contributed very much during theWar of Independance, he contributed much moreafter the independance. The economy of the new republicwas in hisresponsibility.He was appointedas Ministerof Economy andelected to be thePrime Ministerin 1937. He contributedmuch intransition tomulti-party system.He waselected as the3rd president ofTurkey in 1950.Although hewas trialled in coup of 1960 and received a sentenceof death, his punisment was converted to life-timeimprisonment. He was released from the prisonin 1964 and since then he concerned himself aboutpolitics closely. On August, 1986, he died at 103year old. There is a splendid cenotaph in his village.His house in the village turned into a museumconstituted from his personal belongings.