The Sultan of Souls: Emir Sultan

The famous dervish of Bursa. His real name wasSeyyid fiemseddin Mehmet. Ha was born in Buharain 1386. Emir Sultan, settled to Bursa after hisreturn from hadj (pilgrimage), and became a discipleof Molla Fenari. He married with the daughter ofY›ld›r›m Bayez›d, Hundi Hatun. He participated inthe ‹stanbul besiege of Sultan Murad II with hisdervishes in 1422. He was the most famous dervishof Bursa and the mosque built by him with the samename, helped his name to be more widelyknown. Bayez›d I, Mehmet I, and Murat II have allrespected Emir Sultan and girded their swords beforehim. The grave of Emir Sultan, died in Bursain 1429, had been placed into the tomb within themosque yard located in the district named afterhim.FROM PRUSA TO BURSA 98THE FAMOUSPERSONAGES OF BURSAEmir Sultan