4% of the Workplaces in Turkey Are in Bursa

According to datas of DIE (State Statistics Institute),there are more than 78.000 workplaces in Bursaand this number corresponds to the 4% of overallTurkey. There are approximately 30.000 industrialproduction workplaces in various sizes such as atelier,workshop, factory and around 48.000 workplacesof business. The rate of Textile and Confectionfirms is 23.7%, the rate of construction firms is19%, the rate of agriculture and food sector is 13%,and the rate of automotive firms is 7.2%. Furthermore,Bursa Free Zone (BUSEB), founded in Gemlikand including 183 active firms, is a modern industrialcenter providing 3.711 people employmentaccording to tha datas of the end of 2004.