A Geography Where EverythingCan be CultivatedThe Agricultural Structure

Along with Tanzimat, the property right was establishedand the lands belonging to State began tochange to hand and gain individual property status.Undoubtedly cereals were constituting the largestoutput of Turkey in agricultural activities. The cerealswere sold in the Cereal Bazaar which is situatedbeneath the Cumhuriyet Street today.Bursa Plain is a large and fertile plain at the foot ofUluda¤. However, until 1930s mostly it was aswamp. Thats why previously people were keepingsheep, cattle and cultivating rice here. First, in Bursaand its surroundings, only various cereals and avery little fruit cultivation was being done. At thecoastal area fishing was widely applied. In Karacabeyand M. Kemalpafla, cattle and sheep breederswere present. At these times, only merinos sheepswere bred in Karacabey Stud Farm. Even duringTanzimat period, 15.000 merinos sheep were placedand bred on a farm close to Bursa and they weredistributed to the surrounding villagers afterwards.Bursa province covers an area of 965.000 hectares.431.000 hectares constitutes the arable agriculturalarea. Almost every agricultural product is cultivatedin Bursa. The general land distribution of Bursais as follows; agricultural land: 431.000, forest andshrubbery: 445.000, meadows and pastures:42.000, non-agricultural land: 92.000 and watersurface 6.000 hectares. The distribution of cultivatedland between agricultural products is as follows;field area: 303.000, vegetables: 57.000, fruits:27.000, vineyards 9.000, and olive groves:34.000 hectares.In Bursa, the highest agricultural revenue was gainedfrom fruit products in 2000. The share of fruitproducts among overall agricultural output is 28%.This share is 24% in vegetables, 22% in animal products,21% in field products, 4%in chicken, bee,and silkworm and 1% in water products. An inclination towards cattle breeding is observed in Bursa.Due to lack of enough pastures and meadows withinthe province, intensive breeding is widely appliedin open and close barns. The animal distributionof the province is as follows: Sheep 305.000, hairgoat 78.000, cattle 144.000, culture breed 78.000,laying hens 2 million, broiler hens 1 million640.000.The 65% of tomato sauce, 26% of fruit juice and70% of frozen food in Turkey, are produced in Bursa.According to datas, it is understood that Bursapossesses a significant place in terms of agriculturaloutput as well.