Bursa, a Base of Export

Bursa is a city full of advantages in developmentand industrialization due to its close location toWest and harbors.The firms of Bursa have realized significant exportnumbers during the previous 5-year period. Bursa,the fourth largest province of Turkey, has an activerole in development of Turkish economy. As a resultof the affluent foreign currency input due to exportsand the contributions strengthening the industrialinfrastructure, Bursa is always in a constantdynamism in terms of economy. The export potentialof Bursa has an ever increasing trend. Bursa, realizes6% of Turkish export by itself. The vehicleexport of Bursa corresponds to 69% of total vehicleexport of Turkey. Bursa Free Zone, founded in2001with the leadership of BTSO, has reached a 2billion 225 million dolar foreign trade volume atthe end of year 2004 and taken the 5th place amongother Free Zones in Turkey. The export of Bursawas 6.8 billion dollars in 2004 and approached 16billion dollars only in the first 11 months of 2006.