The City Which Wrote the Historyof Automobiles


Automotive IndustryThe other important industries in Bursa are automotiveindustry which includes; production of automobileand their various spare parts. Today thereare 3 automobile factories in Bursa in which, passengerautomobiles can be produced in two and minibusesin one of them and a little number of pickupsoverall. According to the datas of AutomobileIndustrialists Society, in these 3 factories; 60% ofoverall passenger automobiles, 5.29% of total minibusproduction and 38% of overall midibus productionwere realized in 2004. There are nearly 9000people working in automobile production factories.Bursa is the largest in production capacity of provincesin Turkey.Many accessories and spare parts are manufacturedin Bursa for motored land vehicles. The largest sectorin terms of production array and production outputis the automotiv sector in Bursa. Today thereare 471 automotive and by-product firms, encompassing47 personal firms and 424 companies registeredin Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry.One of the other leading industrial sectors in Bursais machine manufacture industry. Most of the companiesworking in this sector have a wide array ofprocessing stages from casting to finishing.One of the other significant sectors in Bursa industryis, food industry. There are various firms inBursa displaying activity in almost all the fields offood industry. Especially in production of fruit juice,soft drinks, canned food and tomato sauce, theexistent capacities in Bursa have a significant shareof Turkey.There are also many other sectors active in productionsectors of Bursa, making significant varyingcontributions to the economy of the country.Among them we can mention here; chemistry, leather,confection, iron steel, metal main industry, cement,metal goods, furniture, and constructionworks.