Bursa Municipality, From Çardak to Metropolitan Status

One of the laws issued by Ottomans pertaining tocity adminitration was “The law of Bursa municipality”.Kad›s were the adminitrators of the districts/subdistricts.They were acting as an administrative of-ficial besides their function as judges. In a sense,they were like mayor of those periods. Naturally,they could not execute these wide array of responsibilitiesalone. They had assistants called as “kap›naipleri” and “ayak naipleri” and they were functioninglike the municipal polices of today. Later on,officials, called as muhtesip”, were began to be appointedto assist kad›s in Bursa. They had authorityin administration of the city like kad›s. However,their functions and responsibilities were limited tothe order of the district. We can say they representthe executive authority of the kad›. They were namedas “ihtisab amiri” or “a¤as›” as well.Subafl› was responsible for the security of the city.We can think of him as today’s chief of police. Besides,they were assuming some responsibilities ofthe municipality such as repairing of the pavementsas well. Actually, two different subafl› were executingthese functions. “fiehir subafl›s›” was maintainingthe security in the city and the “mezbele subafl›s›” was assuming the responsibilities related tothe public works of the districts. .Before, there was an ‹htisab/Municipality “Çardak”situated to the east of Ulucami.The authority of Kad›s, leading the local officialand administrative government, was concluded in1839. The modern municipilaty organization wasfirst founded in ‹stanbul on 28 January, 1857 witha regulation. The law of Municipilaty was issued in1867. Thereafter, in 3 cities, including Bursa, municipilatieswere founded.Bursa acquired “metropolitan municipilaty” statuswith the issuance of 3391 numbered MetropolitanMunicipilaty Law and many villages around Bursawere included within the municipilaty borders. Thecity centre was divided into 3 central districts asfollows: Y›ld›r›m, Osmangazi, and Nilüfer.The limits of the borders of Bursa were extendeddue to 5216 numbered Metropolitan MunicipilatyLaw issued in 2005 and districts of Gemlik, Mudanya,Kestel, Gürsu had acquired central districtstatus and 18 first grade municipilaties were attachedto the Bursa Metropolitan Municipilaty. Today,there are 165 neighborhoods in the city center.Overall village number in entire city is 688.