Name of Kestel, established as a headquarters ofthe Governor during the Byzantine Period, originatedfrom Castellium/Castulus’. Old Kestel Castlehas become the symbol of the district center.Situated to the east of Bursa, the district center wasoriginally 10 km away from the city but now it ismerged into the city today. It was developed by VaniMehmet Efendi, one of the members of clergyduring the Ottoman Period. Mosques, baths and otherworks constructed by Vani Mehmet at Kestelhave all survived to this day. As a result of industrializationthat began in the district in 1980, morethan 150 facilities have been founded at Kestel today.At Kestel that remained as a subdistrict center formany years, a municipal organization was establishedin 1960 and became a district center on 9 May1990.