Established as an Ionian colony in the 7th centuryB.C., Mudanya was first named Mirleia, thenApamia and finally Montania. Name ‘Mudanya’came from a change of Montania. Being a villageattached to Kite/Ürünlü for many years, Mudanyabecame a district center in the 19th century.Becoming well-known by the Armistice that put anend to our War of Independence on 11 October 1922, Mudanya has been an important port city.Serving as the port of Bursa for centuries, Mudanyais similarly functioning today as the most importantport of Bursa.Because of its proximity to Bursa and its seashore,Mudanya is the holiday resort of Bursa. Its mainsource of livelihood is olive growing. Industry ispartially developed in the district. In the city centerof Mudanya, Trilye, Sighi/Kumkaya and Dereköypredominantly lived Christians until 1922. The historicalhouses in Mudanya are the most importantexamples of the civilian architecture of Bursa.Greek Church that is in use today as U¤urmumcuCultural Center is the strongest church of Bursa thathas managed to survive to this day.