Named after the Nilüfer Rivulet, which was namedafter the attractive wife of Orhan Ghazi, Nilüfer. AtNilüfer, one of the central districts of Bursa,Tepecik Tumulus at Alaaddinbey Village, AkçalarAktoprak Tumulus, Akçalar Aktoprakl›k Tumulus,Kite/Ürünlü, Gölyaz› and Tahtal› Village are zonesthat have been included into an archeological site.These zones harbor historical monuments such ascastles, churches/monasteries, mosques, baths andfountains, as well as natural wealth..Nilüfer where constructions have been being materializedonly recently is the most advantageous districtof Bursa in terms of city planning of Bursa andenvironmental arrangements. With this aspect,Nilüfer has become the most important center ofattraction of Bursa. For this reason, it has been adistrict in Bursa with the highest population-growthrate. According to the census result of the year2000, the population of the district was 178,682,while the population of the district is on the rise by13 per cent per annum.Nilüfer leads the way with respect to its economiccontribution to Bursa and Turkey. The reason isthat Bursa Organized Industrial Zone, NilüferOrganized Industrial Zone and Beflevler SmallIndustrial Zone that provides employment to a significantpart of Bursa are located within the boundariesof Nilüfer. With this respect, Nilüfer is anindustrial district that creates jobs for more than80% of Bursa and that generates a considerable rateof earnings for the economy of our country.FROM PRUSA TO BURSA 38Thanks to the Osman Ghazi Hippodrome establishedin 1986, Nilüfer harbors the first professionalcarting runway of Bursa,which is the largest inTurkey.