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Situated to the northeast of Bursa by 32 km and ona bay named after it, which is the quietest bay of theSea of Marmara, Gemlik is the most ancient city ofBursa established in Bursa about three millenniaago. Its name was derived from the first shipyard(“gemilik”) established by the Turks. Carrying thename ‘Kius’, Gemlik, during the era of Britain, wascalled ‘Prusa ad Mara’, Bursa on thr Seashore.Having been enriched with olive that has becomeassociated with it (Gemlik Olive) and silk manufacturingfor centuries, Gemlik used to be an importantport and shipyard of the Ottoman State. Harboringnumerous historical monuments that have survivedup till today, Gemlik also possesses ArmutluThermal Springs besides those of the Municipality,which are an important tourist center.Economy of the district is based upon agriculture,industry, tourism and fishery. Their industrial facilitiesengage with textiles, synthetic thread, plasticpipes, artificial fertilizer and food products such ascanned food. Most of its industrial facilities, apartfrom olive and soap manufacturing plants are largecorporations.