We see that Bursa, a city which had been the capitalof the Ottoman Empire for a long time, governedby administrators called “Sancakbeyi”, “Kad›”, and”Subafl›”. Thus, the first officials Osman Gazi appointedwhen he conquered the surrounding districtsof Bursa, were “Kad›” and “Subafl›”. Bursawas the central city of the “Hüdavendigar province”and actually it was being directly governed by Sultan.The “Sancakbeyi”, appointed to maintain andorganize the law and order in the city was governingthe district with the assistance of “Subafl›”,and since “feafdoms and foundations were consideredto be free within their limits, they were maintainingtheir own security. “Kad›” was getting his ordersdirectly from the Sultan and was acting as thejudicial authority of the city.In this local administrative method of Ottomans,called “Free Feafdom”, it was aimed to strengthenthe central authority over local forces. Thus, the largeincome sources were being collected in one authority,and the local officials were having no chanceto strengthen themselves against the central government.Since Ottoman State was a central government,sub-provinces were directly attached to Sultan. In3 5 FROM PRUSA TO BURSA