Named after the buildings complex constructed bySultan Bayez›t I. Established to the east of Bursa,Y›ld›r›m is bigger than many of the provinces inTurkey in terms of population and area. It has anarea of 397 sq. kilometers and a population of 430thousand.Besides the important works dating back to the OttomanPeriod, Y›ld›r›m harbors new settling areasas well. The first public housing zone in Bursa wasset up at Ertu¤rul Ghazi at Y›ld›r›m. Cable railwayconnection with Uluda¤, the most popular center ofthe winter sports in Turkey, is established throughY›ld›r›m.Besides Y›ld›r›m Complex are Emirsultan and YeflilComplexes at the District as well. The Ottomanvillage Cumal›k›z›k established during the era ofOrhan Ghazi (1326-1360) is the most importanttourist center of Bursa. Constituting one of the finestexample of the Ottoman civilian architecture,Cumal›k›z›k village has been the scene for manyfilms and TV series.