A Synthesis In Architecture

The similarity between the early Ottoman periodarchitecture and late Byzantine architecture, is indeedvery significant. Because the Anatolian Greeksworking for Byzantines worked for Ottomansafter the conquest of Bursa. This event, in time,bred an Ottoman synthesis influenced by Turkishand Islamic way of life. If we classify the monumentsin Bursa, it can easily be seen that most ofthem are religional buildings. According to a surveyperformed by General Directorate of Foundations,besides 127 intact historical mosques locatedin centre of Bursa; 64 tombs, 34 medrese (madrasah),25 inns, 37 bathhouses, and 15 imaret (almshouse), dervish house and school, were determinedto exist.After 80s there were new architectural pursuits appearingin Bursa such as; Kervansaray Termal Hotel,Zafer Plaza, BUTTIM Business Center and FairBuilding, As Centre, The Building of Chamber ofCommerce and Industry, Interstate Bus Terminal,and Osmangazi Municipality Building.