An Alive Ottoman Village,Cumalıkızık

It is one of the 5 k›z›kl› villages situated at the hillsidesof Uluda¤, east of Bursa on the Ankara road13 km to Bursa. It is a village of Orhan Gazi Foundation.Cumal›k›z›k village, with its 700 year ofhistory, is one of the rarest villages that preservedthe Ottoman period architecture and still it conservesthe traditional way of life. It is taken under protectionin 1980 in order to conserve the historicaland natural essence of the village. The rooms of the houses in the village are being restored and turnedinto home pensions. By publishing advertisementbrochures of the village in domestic and foreign fairs,it is being presented to the attention of tourists.The houses of Cumal›k›z›k, bears the attributes ofOttomanTurkish architecture. Mostly these housesare 2 or 3 storey and can be reached through a twowingedwooden doors opening into a yard. The groundof the yard is made of earth or stone. The mediumfloor with low ceiling serves as winter residenceand the second floor with high ceiling servesas a summer residence. The long sitting room seat(sofa) and life faces the view. The predominantconstruction materials at the first floor are traditionalstone material with wooden beams and in theupper floors adobe material between wooden beamswere used. At the roof, bricks with woodenmaterial are predominant. The walls are generallyyellow, white, purple, or green. In the first floors ofthe houses there is no window looking outside as toconserve the intimacy of the house against outside.The windows are in the empty room. 57 of the 270houses on Cumal›k›z›k settlement area are officiallyregistered civil architecture examples. Apartfrom these, one mosque and bathhouse, 2 monumentalplanetrees, and a fountain are registered aswell.