Bursa, a City Between Two DoorsHistorical Sites

Bursa has been a bridge for many civilisations dueto its geographical position. A bridge between Ottomanand Republican periods, a bridge betweenEast and West…Il›p›nar tumulus indicates that Bursa and the culturesurrounding it, is a crossing point of Mesopotamianand Eastern civilisations to Europe. Bursa,once a crossing point of Eastern civilisation toWest, afterwards had been a bridge for Western civilisationto East. Many European tribes had passedto Anatolia through Bursa and Bursa acted like abridge for people passing towards Europe fromAnatolia. The original architectural structure ofBursa had acted as a bridge during the transition ofByzantium and Seljuklu periods into classical Ottomanperiod. The culture of Sufism, occurred fromthe melange of fareast mysticism and the lives ofByzantium monks, had been emerged in Bursa.Thus, Bursa has succeeded to be both an agriculturaland an industrial city. It has formed a bridge betweenthe green of Bursa Plain and the white of Uluda¤.”If a water descends invisibly in the middle of a cityEither it is memorizing the way it come or the wayit goesThese two routes don’t end up in the same place”(Hacı Tonak)