Bursa Zoo

Because the preexisting zoo in Kültürpark was provingto be incapable for the needs of developingBursa, the works for founding a new zoo coveringan area of 200.000 m2 beside the Botanical Gardenwas started in 1997 and it was opened to service in1998.First, Bursa Zoo consisted of Turkish Village, bearwolf,birds of prey, water birds, lama, wild donkey,and camel sections but then the sections of lion,leopard, monkey, and African Savannas followedthem.In this zoo complying with the worldwide standardsfor international zoos, the animals appear to be veryhappy because they are kept in places very similarto their natural habitats. In the park you can see animalssuch as; snake, crocodile, iguana, pelican,duck, flamingo, ostrich, eagle, goshawk, falcon,vulture, hermit ibis, bear, wolf, wild boar, camel,deer, antelope, leopard, lama, wild donkey, lion,monkey, peacock, and in buildings arranged likevillages; birds like pheasant, dove, parrot, and domesticanimals like; cow, sheep, and goat. There isan animation of old way of village life with old villagehouses in the zoo as well.