Emirsultan, a Flame Among the Cypresses

Emirsultan, with minarets racing with cypresses towardsthe sky, and its district; appears on a hill ofBursa overlooking Uluda¤. Emirsultan district, justlike the place of its founder in hearts of people, hasbeen situated at a higher than the ground level withall its calm and proud.Emir Sultan is not a sultan of any kind of propertyor commodity, He is the sultan of souls. Emir Sultanhad come to Bursa and settled here in pursuit ofa holy light… He was not a real sultan but Ottomansultans were coming to see him before they wentfor a campaign. Similar to the visits of emperors ofByzantium to the monks in order to have the goodwillingprayers of them, the Ottoman sultans werecoming to see Emir Sultan for his goodwilling prayersbefore they started a campaign.Today, Emir Sultan is the most significant oblationsite of Bursa. The newlymarried couples surely visitEmir Sultan. The boys to be circumcised cometo visit him anyhow. And many people with variousdifficulties come to visit him in pursuit of a cureor a solution. Here, it will be appropriate to cite afew verses of Bedreddin Uflakl›: “There is neitherfog nor any cloud on the horizon of this evening,Emir Sultan, a flame among the cypresses”