Green Tomb, The SiteWhere Death is Blessed

“Suns born and dieUnder the golden domes of BursaOver a hill at YefliltepeÇelebi Mehmet lies.”The Green Tomb mentioned in beautiful verses ofSuat Arsal, is undoubtedly one of the symbols ofBursa. One of the most beautiful districts of Bursais named after Green Tomb. It is not a great and interestingmonument of Bursa but of Turkey. Thistomb, which almost overshadow the mosque, withits domes absorbing the holy lights, can be seenfrom every point of Bursa. Thus, “The only Ottomandome and tomb placed higher than the mosqueis Green Tomb” (Mustafa Arma¤an).Death appears not as a nightmare reflecting peopletheir pains, sufferings, fears, and skeletons but as agreen and transparent sea of dreams in GreenTomb.Death in Green Tomb; “is a moment of spiritednessin which life seems a better place far away fromevery kind of anxiety such as; exile, torture, and seperation.”Falih R›fk› Atay describes Green Tomb as mentionedabove upon visiting it and continues: “GreenTomb is a refreshing place just as a garden or a promenade.”And death is not so scaring in Green… The domeover the horizons of Bursa collecting the holy lightsand the tiles enchant humans. One thinks, the colorof Green Tomb should be a pure water refined fromthe former springs of Bursa.”We visited the Green Tomb, yesterday eveningHeard something, like a music ringingThat was tiles,voicing the Qu’ran, they listened for many times”While Ahmet Hamdi Tanp›nar reflects his thoughtswith that famous poem, “Time in Bursa”, Hasan AliYücel cries out with the following words: “WheneverI visit Green, I find a hill out of it and find aspring inside it.”Now lets listen Green Tomb, rising amongst thegreen cypresses on a little hill, from words of Prof.Pittard: “It is gentle as a knicknack, enchanting as abeautiful woman, and extremely magical capable ofcaptivating souls.”