İznik Lake, “like a Waterof a Well”

İznik Lake, the largest lake of Marmara Region andthe fifth biggest lake of Turkey, is a tectonic freshwaterlake with a depth of 80m at most. The lake iscompletely surrounded by agricultural areas andolive groves. The area, with cormorants (30 pairs)and night egrets (250 pairs) forming mixed coloniesamong the dense reeds, complies with the conservationarea criteria. Accordingly, ‹znik Lake wasdeclared as an area of SIT in 1990.An agricultural area of approximately 9.000 hectareis irrigated by waters of the lake. This irrigationcapacity is planned to be increased with another6.945 hectares with the ongoing construction ofnew facilities. Besides, in order to irrigate the agriculturallands along the coast of the lake, farmersuse pomps to take advantage of the lake water.Carp, catfish, and crayfish can be found in thefreshwaters of the lake. ‹znik Lake has a significantimportance in terms of touristic activities as wellsuch as; swimming, canoeing, and surfing.