İznik, the City Blessedby the Gods

Delbeuf, upon visiting the magical city of ‹znik hassaid the following words: “I don’t think there can bea city which can voice the memories of past as livelyas here”. ‹znik city is one of the foremost touristicplaces of Bursa.‹znik is a city full of mysteries that had been the capitalof Byzantine Empire (12041261), OttomanState (13311335), and Anatolian Seljuklu State(10751097) which had impeded the Christians torule the entire world.‹znik town, stuck between the 2000 years old citywalls, is located to the North of ‹znik lake. Most ofthe walls close to the castle are still intact. There are131 bastions in the ‹znik castle which date back to258 B.C. The walls are 4970 m long and they have4 magnificent gates.Two Christian Consules had assembled in ‹znik.First one convened in 325 in which the principles ofChristianity were determined. Due to this reason,‹znik is declared to be the 3rd holy city in the worldfollowing the Jerusalem and Vatican, by the 19thconsule assembled in Vatican in 1962. Thus, theimportance of ‹znik, in terms of faith tourism, elevatedgradually.Ayasofya Church (H. Sophia): Seventh Christianconsule was convened in 787 in this church (mosque)and it is situated at the center of the ‹zniktown. The church is built as a basilica and has somefresco remnants dating back to Byzantine period.Rome Theatre: It is located Northwest of the ‹znikcity. It was built by Emperor Trajanus during A.C.98117. Today, in place of that mostly devastatedtheatre, scientific excavations have being performedsince 1980.