Muradiye, “The Bitter Fruitof Patience”

“In this extremely quiet and dreamlike site whichconstitutes Bursa, there is especially one more place.The cemetery around mosque of Muradiye…There are tombs of a few former sultans lyinghere under the shadow of high planetrees and towerlikecypresses.” (Pierre Loti, 1924).Undoubtedly, the travellers visiting Bursa were fascinatedmostly from Muradiye. The incrediblecypresses and planetrees, once overshadowing thegraves, either were not present or lost much of theirformer grandeur today…The historical atmospheresurrounding the Külliye is mostly preserved.The deepest district of Bursa today is Muradiyewith all its barbers, old cafes, and streets.When you see the old and goodlooking houses andplanetrees, you feel yourself in a totally different site.You feel a burn in your stomach when you visitthe tombs of princes, sultans, queens whom oncewere resting under these trees.”Whoever want to experience and feel the silenceof death and comfort of afterdeath must go to theTombs of Muradiye… Only in this place, death isnot terrible,. The heaven promised in the holy booksonly in this place seems possible to us.” YakupKadri has described Muradiye as such in one of hiswritings.During reign of Sultan Murad II, although the capitalwas Edirne, his favourite city was Bursa. Thus,he was buried in a most peaceful place. We can callMuradiye as a group of tombs. There is no such siteas here where the graves are such glorified. As C.A. Kansu has said: “I realized the beauty of deathhere””Muradiye is the heart and soul of Bursa. Thus, thespirits return to other world here.” If you see the peopleburied in these tombs, strolling happily underthe planetrees, don’t be surprised. Because Muradiyeis the heaven realm of death.