Street of the Nights; Arap Şükrü

The most important type of entertainment in Bursais the promenade culture. The lively and greenpromenades all around the city and surroundingshave been the most important places of entertainmentfor the people of Bursa. Promenades such asTemenyeri, P›narbafl›, Veyselkarani, Acemler andGeçit gibi have been among the most favorite spotsin Bursa.Arap fiükrü Street, what would be Çiçek Passage ofBursa, is the most favorite place of entertainment inthe city. History of this street is partly the history ofBursa itself. Following the fall of Bursa to theOttoman Empire, Orhan Gazi had permitted the Jewsto settle in this street located right at the base ofCastle Walls. Sometime later, a Synagogue had beenbuilt here. Exiled Jews from Spain had been located