The Colors of İznik Lake

Do you like watching the sunset? Who doesn’t? Ifyou haven’t been there at Iznik during a sunset, trustme, you haven’t started living yet! How many differentcolors can a lake assume, do you think? 5?10? 30? How many? I have given up counting after30. I just raised my glass towards the setting sun.You too do yourself a favor. Visit Iznik for a weekend,have some fish, smell the history. Pay a visitto the tile craftsmen’s workshops located at the restoredmadrasah. Surely, you won’t be able to resistyourself and start shopping.1 0 7 FROM PRUSA TO BURSA‹znik LakeA little clue. Not only check the tiles, but also havea look at the shields bequeathed from the Urartu.(Balcicek Pamir, 07-24-2005)