The Legend of Ulubat Lake

The brook of Mustafakemalpafla was formerly calledas Ordrises and was pouring into the sea fromBand›rma in these old times. There was a plain inplace of Apolyont Lake, and in this plain, there wasa little kingdom. The king of today’s Mustafakemalpafla,asked for the beautiful daughter of theKing of this plain for his son. But the princess didnot want to marry with the prince and her father builta castle on top of a hill and hid her daughter there.Upon hearing that, King of Melde got angry anddirected flow of Ordrises brook into the plain andthe entire city and the plain were inundated. The palaceof the princess had existed as an island in present-day’s Gölyaz›. Thus Apolyont (Ulubat) Lakewas formed.