The Miniature of Bursa Green:Botanical Garden

Within scope of green belt, “So¤anl› Botanical garden”had been opened in 1998 in order to providenew resting places, healthy sport complexes andfresh oxygen sources to the city. So¤anl› BotanicalGarden covers an area of 400.000 m2 and compri-1 0 5 FROM PRUSA TO BURSATOURISMNATURAL BEAUTIESses; 8000 trees of 150 different species, 100.000bushes of 76 diverse species, 50.000 shrubs of 26different species and 6.000 roses of 27 differentspecies. Thus it protects and conserves the diversenatural structure of Bursa plain and is open to botanicalresearches and scientific studies.There are various botanical gardens in the parksuch as; Japanish Garden, French Garden, RoseGarden, Azalea (Forest rose) Garden, OdorousPlants Garden, Rock Garden, Color Gardens, ShapedPlants Garden. Besides presenting its visitorsthe occasion to observe plants blooming in differentseasons, it gives the opportunity to make sports andto rest as well. There are trekking paths of 12 km,natural jogging routes, 1 km long coldasphaltcoveredcycle road, and ponds. Besides, similar of somefamous historical houses of Bursa, belonging to the17th, the 18th, and the 19th centuries, were rebuiltin the Botanical Park.