The Wild Trap: Uludağ

Uludağ, known as Olympos Misios in the antiqueperiod, is one of the first class skiing venues of Turkey.The lower limit of the skiing area is 2.000 mand upper limit 2.453 m. The mountain is usuallycovered with snow during period of decembermay,and the thickness of snow rises to 23m. Sar›alan,one of the important developing parts of the park, is11 km to the Karabelen entrance gate. In this regionwhere can be reached only by cable car, thereare summer camp rooms, fountains, and WCs. Kirazl›yayla is 6 km distant to the entrance gate. HotelsRegion and the Skiing Centre, Çobankaya andBakacak are among the other foremost regions.Uluda¤ National Park renowned for its incrediblenatural structure and richness of its flora and faunahas 4 public areas and two of them are camping sites.These are; Sar›alan, Çobankaya, Kirazl›yaylaand Karabelen camping and visiting sites. Besides,there are 17 touristic facilities pertaining to skiingand tourism in Uluda¤. Also, there are 16 facilitiesbelonging to various public institutions. In the 2ndDevelopment Site which had been declared as atouristic area in 1986, there are 1 active facility and2 facilities under construction.Average number of people visiting Bursa annuallyis 600.000. The average number of vehicles enteringdaily from Karabelen entrance gate is 265. Thenumber of visitors is elevated during julyaugust,winter season, januaryfebruary periods. The visitorscoming to Uluda¤ National Park are generallynative visitors and tourists from abroad visit here insummer as well.