Uluabat, The Lake WithSilver Fish

This is a lake situated to the North of Marmara Seawith shallow, blurry, eutrophic freshwater attributes.It was formed at the Yeniflehir Bursa Gönendepression area which has a tectonic origin runningalong the eastwest direction. The lake can be roughlysaid to have a shape of triangle and the widthof the lake is 12 km and its length from east to eastdirection is 2324 km. There are 7 islands on the lake.The largest of these islands which have limestoneas the dominant factor of their structure, is HalilbeyIsland.M. Kemalpafla brook is the most important watersource feeding the lake. The karst sources deep underand around the lake and the brooks reaching tothe lake in rainy seasons contribute water supply tothe lake. Fishing is widely practised and the huntedcrayfishes are being exported.Uluabat lake, known as Apolyont Lake as well, isan important habitat for breeding of little cormorants(300 pairs), squacco herons (30 pairs), andEuropean white pelicans (75 pairs). In winter, manybirds including; little cormorants (max.1078), crestedpelican (max.136), tufted ducks (max.321.500)inhabit the lake. 429.423 water birds were countedthroughout the area on January, 1996 and this is thehighest number reported since 1970. The lake wasdeclared to be a Ramsar site in 1998.Uluabat Management Plan targets to; decrease thepollution of the lake, sustain fishing and to use thenatural sources in a reasonable way, enrich the wildlife, share the information pertaining to the valuesarea includes.