Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the Metropolitan Municipalities are regulated by the 7th Article, Act no. 5216. The Bursa Metropolitan Municipality develops its strategic plan, annual targets, investment programs and its budget according to the Act mentioned above taking into consideration Bursa district municipalities comments.

In accordance with the environment layout plan, the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality makes a regulatory development plan between 1/5.000 and 1/25.000 for Bursa and its area. It approves and supervises the implementation of the districts development plans, the applied alterations to the plans as well as parcel plans and improvement plans. It creates parcel plans for municipalities that haven’t implemented development plans within one year from the date of its entry into force. It applies and licenses development plans of all kinds on repair and maintenance works.

District Municipalities of Bursa

  Municipalities within 30 km zone
Gemlik Municipality Göynükbelen Municipality
Gürsu Municipality Karıncalı Municipality
Kestel Municipality Zeytinbağı Municipality
Mudanya Municipality  
Nilüfer Municipality  
Osmangazi Municipality  
Yıldırım Municipality  


  • It is Municipality’s responsibility to inspect and license the units built or operated by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality.
  • The Bursa Metropolitan Municipality designs, coordinates and applies the transportation master plan and takes all measures required by the traffic regulations.
  • The Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is responsible for construction of squares, avenues, streets and roads in its province. It provides maintenance and repairing, creates and applies urban design projects under its own regulations, gives numbers to buildings.
  • The Bursa Metropolitan Municipality provides geographic and urban information systems.
  • Bursa Metropolitan Municipality guarantees environmental protection for agricultural areas and water resources in accordance with the healthy city development principle. It is responsible for greenery planting, hazardous wastes collection, public entertainment centers organization and any other activities affecting health and environment. It determines construction materials areas, scrap storage areas and sales areas, soil excavation areas, rubble, sand and gravel storage areas, wood and coal sales and storage areas. It takes measures to prevent environment pollution caused by transportation.
  • It manages the regulation plans for hazardous wastes. It provides recycling, storage and disposing of the wastes and re-cultivation of the soil. It builds up and operates special facilities for this purpose. It provides services for industrial and medical wastes utilization including necessary facilities construction.
  • It licenses and inspects institutions affecting public health including food producers. It founds laboratories for controlling food and beverage items.
  • It provides police service for the authorized areas (managed by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality).
  • It builds passenger and cargo terminals and car parks, public service areas incl. social centers, parks, zoos, animal care centers, libraries, museums, sport centers, entertainment centers. If necessary it provides equipment for amateur sport clubs and organizes competitions, it gives awards for the sportsmen successful both in domestic and international competitions (the decision is to be made by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Council).
  • If necessary it builds infrastructure and facilities for healthcare, education and culture, it makes reparations and provides necessary material, supports all kind of activities and facilities associated with public institutions and organizations.
  • It provides protection for cultural and natural assets maintains and repairs protected historical places and their facilities. In case of inability to maintain or repair, it organizes rebuilding avoiding any possible damages or losses for the original unit.
  • The Bursa Metropolitan Municipality provides transport services in its area of responsibility, organizes and operates necessary facilities. It licenses public transport.
  • It executes water and sewage services and constructs dams and other necessary facilities, regulates water streams, spring water and purified water.
  • It determines the areas for cemeteries and executes burial related services.
  • It sets all kinds of wholesale market halls and storages places, controls and licenses the special wholesale units placed according to the development plan.
  • It designs natural disaster preventing plans in accordance with the provincial plans. If necessary it provides materials and equipments, executes firefighting and emergency services, and provides support for disaster areas. It determines possible location for units containing explosive and flammable materials incl. their production and storage. It controls, gives permission and licenses houses, offices, entertainment centers, plants, factories and industrial units in terms of measures necessary for fire and other disasters prevention as it is required by legislation.
  • It executes and operates health centers, hospitals, mobile health units and all kinds of social and cultural services for adults, elderly people, disabled people, women, teenagers and children. For this purpose it sets up and operates social facilities and vocational skills training courses. At the same time, it cooperates with universities, high schools, vocational schools, public agencies and non-governmental organizations. It sets up central heating systems.
  • It evacuates and utilizes construction units hazardous for people and their property.