In their duty, door regents and foot regents were helping them and these regents are equal to our municipal police in present days. Later, additionally inspector officers called an multiphase were appointed to near to judges. These city’s management staffs are also authorized. However, their duties and authority  were limited to only the regulation of town. These officers were called as a trustworthy or master. Subaşı was responsible for the safety of the city. Besides security tasks they were Repairing of damaged pavements, , as well as subaşılar also were making some of today’s municipal duties. Initially, at the east of Ulu mosque had a İhtisab City arbor. Duties of Judges who were administer of Civil and managerial administration, ended period of administrative reforms in 1839. Governors were began to be appointed with Strong powers. the actual municipal organization was founded on December 28, 1857 in Turkey. municipal law came out in 1867. later three municipalities were founded, bursa was one of these three municipalities. the first mayor was Sadrettin Effendi in bursa. After Sadrettin effendi who served Between the dates  October 27,1912 and April 6,1914, up to Republican period 10 and until The establishment of the republic 32 mayors served. From 1987 on Metropolitan Municipality has started.

 Bursa Metropolitan Municipality establishment

Bursa have had the status of metropolitan municipality with Law No. 3391 which enacted in 1987. Many villages in Bursa Plain were included municipal boundaries in. The city center was divided into three main towns as a Yıldırım, Osmangazi and Nilüfer. Metropolitan Municipality Law No. 5216 enacted in 2005 and boundaries of metropolitan was expanded Gemlik, Mudanya, Kestel and Gursü districts were included metropolitan boundaries. Since 1987, the mayor of Metropolitan Municipality has been done by Ekrem Barışık (1984 – 1989), Teoman Özalp (1989 – 1994), Erdem Saker (1994- 1999), Erdoğan Bilenser (1999 – 2004), Hikmet Şahin (2004-2009). Recap Altepe who was chosen by election, has already been mayor of metropolitan municipality since 2004.



It was built, the time of Ahmed Vefik pasha and the period of mayors Esref and Hüsnü of metropolitan municipality in1879. and it was built architectural style of ampir. Its architect has not been known but head-worker of architect was Şehbender from Kütahya. large saloon has been built in 1902 and it was related that furniture have came from Paris. Municipal building is a building that as important as a Ulu mosque. Interior design reminiscent of Ottoman mansions. Exterior design is a usage of wood and plaster less brick. Features of bursa houses could be called “historical repetition”. Reached with ladders from the ground floor to second floor and located in a high-based empty places.


The period of governor Reşit pasha, large saloon room has been expanded to its present position. Previous periods 1 Floor was used as a wedding hall. Building was built in accordance with the historical features and opened to public in 1997. on the ground and first floor units of the Presidency and Council halls and In the basement work places of Local Agenda 21 are located. Which is called house of bursa. The building  was externally illuminated in 1997 by the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa.


the first “Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Law” (Kanun-name-i ihtisab-ı Bursa) it is a edict that as an example of second edict of sultan Beyazıt . (28 pages, 48 ​​articles) in this edict a standard law was added which regulate a construction and the sale of constructions