The Regulations For The Healthy Cities

What’s the Healthy City Project?

The Healthy City Project is a long term development project aiming to improve health issues and create a strong lobby for public health according to the agenda of European politics. It aims to improve physical, psychological and environmental welfare of the people living in the cities.


Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is the first Turkish city to be a Member of WHO (World Health Organization) Healthy Cities Network of 3rd Phase (1998-2002) in 2000. It has continued to be a member with 4th Phase (2003-2007) since 2004.



  • To provide clean, safe and comfortable environment for the residents
  • To support long-term ecological balance
  • To guarantee public rights and social solidarity
  • To provide social and public control for crucial decisions affecting residents’ life, health and welfare
  • To guarantee all basic needs for the residents incl. food, water, shelter, income and security
  • To support social networking for the residents of different origin, background and experience
  • To provide growing, innovative and dynamic urban economy
  • To support public and private commitment to the historical, cultural and natural heritage
  • To provide support and development for the exciting social and public structures
  • To make available high level health and healthcare services for every resident

High health status (positive health increase and diseases level decrease)

Mission and Goals

We want to create a wealthy and prosperous city using the following features:

  • Bursa citizens should have bright perspective, consciousness of unity and great importance while making decisions that can affect their life standards. All of them are to be involved in the active ongoing negotiations to find the ways to improve their rights; as a result, they can be involved in interaction and partnership with Bursa local social structures. Different societies can be developed in different ways due to their own values and opinions.
  • Public, private and volunteer organizations should work together with the society, and have nearly the same functions as local social units. Public and private social organizations should work closely together to abolish possible rights discrimination. Society should find the ways to get rid of instability and try to find shared resources for social development projects.


  • Inequalities in social life are to be reduced, and all dimensions of society (incl. physical, psychological, social) are to be developed. These positive changes and the existence of local activities are one of the greatest achievements for the countries with misbalanced healthcare and social sectors.

We can bring wealth and prosperity to Bursa while implementing the key points of our Mission:

  • Bursa people can strengthen their sense of identity and can be involved in decision making process vital for their life success. There should be an active ongoing negotiations process with participation of the whole society in order to learn how to develop social functions of each and every Bursa citizen. These negotiations are to be carried out by public and local social organizations responsible for positive changes in the society. These organizations should develop different methods to reflect their own values and ideas.
  • Social problems are to be openly and actively discussed, the results of this public dialogue should be reflected in the activities of social organizations.
  • Local facilities are to be improved in order to meet increasing expectations for changes and maximize potential for development.
  • Social development process is to be speeded up.
  • All social projects, activities and arrangements are to be carried out under strict public control.
  • Social development concepts and strategic development plans are to be maintained in accordance with national and local agendas ensuring an affect of public opinion and future development.
  • Evaluation framework that will reflect social practice, current development and social reaction should be created.
  • Effective communication network is to be developed.
  • Social organizations are to be supported to ensure the implementation of the social strategies and their affect on social life.
  • Public opinion is to be supported while developing social principals and practices.



The duties of the Healthy Cities Association Secretariat under the leadership of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality are as following:

  • All tasks related with official correspondence of the Association
  • Protocols of the decisions of  Assembly and Executive Community
  • Organization of the regular Assembly Meetings (once in two years) and of the monthly Executive Community meetings.
  • Organization of the training seminars three times a year.
  • Providing consultancy service to the member municipalities in the frame of the healthy cities activities.
  • Updating the Association’s official website


WHO Partnership

The World Health Organization initiated the Healthy Cities Movement is represented all over the world with offices in 66 countries, 220 cities (55 are in Europe) and Turkey as its full member. The Healthy Cities Movement unites the cities interested in adopting, implementing and developing healthcare issues. In order to provide a legal basis for its activities The Healthy Cities Association was established.
The Healthy Cities Association stands for on-going cities development. Its establishment was an important step in creating healthy cities environment.  As a result of The Habitat II (1996), The Johannesburg Summit of Local Authorities (2002) and The Millennium Declaration of WHO (2000) The Healthy Cities Association is for providing effective local authorities’ administration, founding national-regional-local partnerships and generating health-based strategies. The Declaration signed in Belfast (2003) by political representatives of the cities and approved by WHO states:

  • Resources and information should be shared by cities and regions in order to strengthen the international partnership and relations.
  • Cities have to develop awareness of their responsibilities while supporting The Healthy Cities Movement and be globally accessible.
  • Cities can’t act alone. They are for acting together.
  • This Declaration was approved by Turkey and The Bursa Metropolitan Municipality became the first Turkish city member of The World Health Organization and The Healthy Cities Project. Bursa is a leader for establishing and developing The Healthy Cities Strategy in Turkey.

First activities for The Healthy Cities Association were initiated in 2003. To involve local authorities into cooperation there was a Regulation Commission bringing together the Ministry of Inner Affairs, Ministry of Health and cities-members. There was a meeting organized by the Ministry of Health, the Bursa Governor, the Bursa Health management and the members of the 3rd Phase (Bursa, Eskişehir/Tepebaşı, Bartın, Yalova Municipalities). The aim of the meeting was to consider the suggestions and develop regulative measures. The cities-members of the national network were invited to be co-founders. Yalova, Van, Kadıköy, Afyon, Tepebaşı, Çankaya, Ürgüp, Ordu, Kırıkkale and Bursa Metropolitan Municipalities stated their decision to join the Association and got full membership. An official article of the Event was published in the national newspaper (22/12/2004). All legal procedures have been completed and the Association was approved by the Ministry of Inner Affairs and the EU.



In accordance with the decision of the Municipal Assembly:

  1. The regulations for the Healthy Cities Association based on the Belfast Declaration are to be accepted.
  2. Three representatives – one of whom must be Mayor – are to be appointed for the Assembly of the Association.
  3. The Healthy Cities Project Coordinator must be appointed by the Municipalities and be responsible for creating project partnerships and making decisions on the Healthy Cities Project Office organization.
  4. The Healthy Cities Profile must be made by the Municipalities to prepare Annual Program, Annual Reports for the Board of the Association.
  5. Regular participation, decision making process, exchange of experience in the Association Meetings must be ensured by the members – municipalities.


The 4th Phase Organization (2003-2008)

The Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has completed all preparations for the WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION) Healthy Cities 4th Phase membership. The membership application was officially accepted on 18/08/2004. It designed “The Bursa Healthy City Development Plan” – first in Turkey – as it is required by the World Health Organization – Healthy Cities Network 4th Period (2003-2008) so that it could be approved by the WHO. Our aim is to create LIVEABLE HEALTHY BURSA.